Bentopie is a lightweight Node.js based content management system. It is so light that you can actually run it on a Raspberry Pi, a credit card size linux machine with just 512MB memory. But wait, do not get turned off by its size, this system actually performs well, tested using some online stress-test tools like Pingdom, Google Speed Test, Web Page Test.

Current technology stack:

  • Node.js
  • Express.js
  • Data is stored in a lean, homegrown file-to-memory database. (Can be swapped out with other DB; relational or document-based with minimal effort)
  • JQuery and JQueryUI

It is an open source code, feel free to download the code and use this application.

Github: Feel free to contact me via Github if you need help running the app.


  • Easy Content Authoring
  • Easy Image Upload
  • Easy Video (Youtube) Integration
  • Support multi sites with just one engine. E.g. and can both be managed within single instance of Bentopie engine
  • Smugmug Integration. You can use Smugmug as your image CDN, and/or create an image...

Built with Bentopie

La Vie Hair Stylists

Conveniently located at Ashburn/Broadland, Virginia, LaVie Hair Stylists is a casual and modern hair salon that offers a full range of hair services for women, men and also children at affordable prices.

Music Store

This new music store site is to replace the existing static HTML site of a music store. The content of the pages in this site is dynamic, non-computer savvy users can log in int Bentopie and make modifications easily.